AC Tips and Power Saving Techniques

air conditioner tipsThe truth of the matter is that buying a bigger room air conditioner will not make you comfortable during the hottest months of the year. Any reputable HVAC contractor will tell you that having a big Air Conditioner in your small sized room will not perform efficiently or effectively compared to a smaller sized AC. The reason for this is that, a big AC will cool the room to your thermostat set position before de-humidification occurs. This will make the area feel uncomfortable as well as feeling clammy. Therefore, the central air conditioner has to be of the right size in relation to your room.

If you have a central AC system in your house, it is advisable to have the fan to shut off the same time as your compressor. This is usually done by the ‘Auto Setting’ Mode of the fan. In other words, do not use your system to offer air circulation.

Therefore, instead of using your AC to circulate air in the room, consider installing fans around your home. This technique will help you to cool your home by pulling cool air into the house and moving the warm air out of your room.

Cooling Tips:

Setting the thermostat
During summer, you should set your thermostat at the highest temperature comfortably as possible. In other words, you should not be afraid to use your central device. Also control the humidifier controller if needed. In other words, the smaller the difference is between the outdoor and indoor temperature, the lower your cooling bill is going to be.

Restrain yourself from Setting the Thermostat at The Coolest Temperature than normal
It is advisable not to set your thermostat at the coolest setting than usual as you are trying to cool yoru house or room. This is because it will not cool your home any faster and at the end, it could end up in excessive cooling which means unnecessary expense.

Consider Using Interior Fans with your window AC
If you have a window air conditioner and it is in use, it is advisable to use it together with an interior fan to increase efficiency or air cooling throughout your home. This technique will save you money on energy. At the same time, you should consider placing appliances that give off a lot of heat closer to your thermostat.

Long-Term Money Saving Tips:

Replacing Your Old AC
If your AC is old, then you should consider replacing it by going for the new models. This is because new models are energy efficient, reliable and effective.

Even though you have an AC, you should consider installing fans around the whole house. This way, you will be able to save money on energy because the air will be moving through the whole house easily.