Tips for Replacing an Old Furnace

Furnaces are one of the most efficient heating options for any home or commercial building. They offer a number of advantages over other types of heating systems. First of all, you can manage your furnace with a single thermostat, which can improve air quality and lower utility bills. Secondly, high efficient furnaces can last for years with very little maintenance. Just like any other mechanical system, however, they eventually wear out. When this happens, you will need to replace your old furnace with a new one. There are a number of important things to think about before buying a new furnace including the following tips.


Your budget will play a key role in determining which furnace you can buy. Even if you can’t afford an ultra high-end model, chances are you should be able to find a good furnace that fits within your price range. You may also want to look into financing options. Just be sure that you can afford the monthly payments.

Size and Style

To make the installation as easy and affordable as possible, it is important to choose a furnace that is similar in size to your old one and that uses the same type of fuel. For instance, if you have an electric furnace now, you should not buy a gas furnace or else you will have to run a new gas line into your home which can significantly add to the expense. Likewise, you should not buy a furnace that is larger than your existing furnace or you may not be able to fit it into the same location.Furnace


It is important to purchase a model that comes with a warranty or guarantee. This will help ensure that if anything goes wrong after you install it the cost of any repairs will be covered or the entire unit will be replaced. Shop around until you find a brand that has a warranty that offers plenty of coverage.

Extra Features

Consider whether or not there are extra features that could make the furnace work better within your home. For instance, some of today’s models come with the ability to adjust the temperature differently in different rooms of the house. This can help reduce your power bills by allowing you to only heat the rooms that you are using.

Where You Buy the Furnace

Anytime you buy a major appliance such as a furnace, it is important to buy from a reputable store. Not only will this ensure that the installation goes smoothly, but you also will have a local company on your side to provide support if you need it.


If you are in a hurry to get your furnace installed, it is important to choose a company that can take care of the installation right away. This can be essential if the temperature outside is cold and you don’t have a working furnace. The sooner you can get heat restored to your home, the better.

These tips for replacing a furnace should help you make a smart decision in terms of which new furnace to buy.